Reduce Copper Sulphate & Footbath Costs with HOOFMAX ®

Every farmer is on a mission to ensure their herd’s hoof health is top-notch. There are different solutions to aid in this quest, one being the proper use of a copper sulphate footbath. This can be an effective component of a herd’s hoof health programme to fight against digital dermatitis (also referred to as Mortellaro) and foot rot. These are two hoof problems that can be controlled by the consistent use of footbaths. However, these footbath products can be costly. This is where HOOFMAX ® steps in – a revolutionary hoof care solution that’s not just more consistent, than a traditional copper sulphate footbath but also a cost-effective solution for farmers.Top of Form

Copper Sulphate Footbaths

Copper sulphate footbaths have long been heralded as a go-to for hoof health. Their antibacterial properties work wonders in maintaining hoof cleanliness while fortifying the claw horn. The popularity of copper sulphate footbaths can be attributed to both its perceived relatively low cost per cow pass and common assessment among farmers that it effectively controls infectious lesions. Research has shown that using these types of footbaths decreases both the incidence and severity of hoof lesions. However, with the volatile price swings of copper, the costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Reducing the Cost of Copper Sulphate

Unfortunately, the price of copper is known for volatile price swings. Based on when you purchased copper sulphate and how much was purchased your bill will vary between €3.5 and €5.5 per kg. With those price differences, it is understandable for farmers to start looking for alternatives to copper sulphate. What are the alternatives:

Increase Cow Passes

HOOFMAX ® is your ticket to significant savings. Using HOOFMAX® can cut your copper sulphate usage by up to 80%. HOOFMAX® binds to hydroxide ions found in manure and urine, preventing them from neutralizing copper ions, thus making more copper available for killing pathogens. This means more copper is available to combat pathogens, allowing you to stretch your footbath’s effectiveness to up to 500 cow passes— compared to 200 cow passes with just copper by itself. 

Safe Footbath Solution

HOOFMAX® represents a safe and effective means of acidifying a footbath which allows for much lower rates of copper sulphate addition (2.5kg or 5kg per 200 litres of water). The effectiveness of the copper is increased through the acidification of the footbath. The initial pH of a typical footbath treated with HOOFMAX® is approximately pH 1.75 compared to 3.75 for copper sulphate alone.

With a lower pH that’s 100 times more acidic than conventional footbaths, HOOFMAX ® creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria while resisting pH fluctuations as manure (a natural buffer) is introduced into the footbath. Secondly this lower pH allows for complete dissolution of the copper sulphate into the footbath maximising its antibacterial properties and effectiveness.

Promote Hoof Hardness

Unlike copper ions (Cu++), HOOFMAX® has a higher affinity for combining with the hydroxide ions (OH-) which come from the cow’s manure and urine. By targeting and removing these ions, HOOFMAX ® leaves copper ions free to do what they do best – harden keratin and combat bacteria. The result? Stronger, healthier hooves that stand the test of time.

Maximise Cow Passes

As a result, less copper sulphate can be used as from the research we know how much hydroxide ions (OH-) are produced by every 100 cow passes, so to treat more cows we add more HOOFMAX® (0.35L per extra 100 cow passes) as follows: 

HOOFMAX ® Application Guidelines: 

  • 100 Cow passes: 2.5 kg of Copper Sulphate and 0.35L of HOOFMAX®
  •  200 Cow passes: 5 kg of Copper Sulphate and 0.70L of HOOFMAX®
  • 300 Cow passes: 5 kg of Copper Sulphate and 1.05L of HOOFMAX®  
  • 400 Cow passes: 5 kg of copper Sulphate 1.4L of HOOFMAX®  
  • 500 Cow passes: 5 kg of Copper Sulphate and 1.75L of HOOFMAX®

Top-Quality Hoof Care Solutions for Your Livestock with DP Hoof Care

Alongside HOOFMAX, DP Hoof Care offers top-notch hoof care products. From Vet Wrap Bandages to Blue Max Glue, we have everything you need to keep your cows’ hooves healthy. Our expert advice and support ensure your animals stay happy and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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