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Whether you are a full-time hoof care specialist or a farmer seeking the right equipment, DP Hoof Care in Ireland and DP Agri in the UK is the one-stop shop for all your hoof care needs. If you’re looking for a hoof trimming crush, we design and manufacture our own range of contractor and farmer crushes in-house, so our crushes can be tailored to your specific requirements.

When it comes to your hoof care requirements and treatments, we supply the full range of cow blocks, adhesive glue (blue max and red max), trimming knives, trimming discs, cow wraps, Healmax paste, etc. Our range of footbath products includes the well-proven Healmax footbath solution, Hoofmax, Durrahoof, Pharma hoof, and Copper Sulphate, all tried and tested as aids to help reduce the incidence of lameness on the farm.